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“Keep Fighting Black” is a Black History Month workbook ideal for middle grade students (grades 4-8)  with over 50 pages of printables lessons and activities honoring the legacy of Black resistance.


Hey all! Hannah here!


I just wanted to personally thank you for your support of my work. As a biracial Black transracial adoptee adopted privately and domestically as an infant by white parents, developing my positive racial identity was a difficult journey. My professional experience as a high school English teacher, my formal education in Education, and my life inform me in walking along the path to self-actualization with fellow transracial adoptees through my company Hey TRA.


My sincere hope is that the education Hey TRA provides will make the journey of younger transracial adoptees and young Black people in general much easier and less lonely than mine. Learning Black History is a guiding light to that path— and I hope this resource helps make you or your child’s steps all the more certain.


with gratitude,


Keep Fighting Black: Black History Month Activities

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