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K. Garaffo

"I have struggled most of my life claiming my South American ancestry and I finally have the steps to do just that. I am so grateful to Hannah for holding space for it all-- and teaching and guiding me through our sessions. I wouldn't be able to claim my Latinx identity without her."

M. Keil

"I appreciate the level of intellectual/academia as well as the balance with personal reflection and narrative. I think it was extremely holistic to address the experience of being a TRA. I also want to highlight the personal touch and experience Hannah brings to relate to her clients and support through sharing parts of her story throughout the sessions.

C. Forman

“I think you provide any amazing service. It meant so much to finally be able to speak about my experiences with someone who understood and related. I felt seen and heard during the sessions, which is not something I've experienced often enough in other spaces."

What We Offer

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