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Standing in the Gap: Support the TRA in Your Life

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Based on my workbook, this transformational course equips transracially adoptive parents and families in how to best support their transracial adoptees as they navigate the difficult paths of racial isolation, identity reclamation, discrimination and interpersonal racism, adoption grief, and much more. Many transracial adoptees feel ill-equipped and unprotected by their adoptive parents in the face of the realities of their unique racial experiences. To confirm the reality, I  asked a group of transracial adoptees how many of them felt prepared and supported by their adoptive families in navigating the racism and white supremacy they faced, and all eleven of them said they felt they were entirely on their own. In this course, I encourage and challenge adoptive and foster parents to change the all too familiar narrative of parents remaining silent, passive, and fragile. Instead, I equip them in how to, in the face of their own adopted children’s discrimination and oppression, stand in the gap for them.  In what ways might the experiences of transracial adoptees be dramatically transformed if the weight of responsibility to protect and comfort shifted from transracial adoptees to those responsible to and for them?

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