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Asian America has the capacity to be a brilliant light in this world. Individuals, families, communities and nations for centuries have been a witness both to the assault and affirmation of that potential.


For those choosing to partner and stand with the Asian Pacific American community right now in a time of much unrest and division, it’s important to understand the seasons, the generations, leading up to our current station in history.


This is not an exhaustive work and does not fully represent the significance of people and stories held within the term “Asian Pacific American.” 


And yet we hope this hand-selected collection of narratives would provide you with sober empathy, a deeper appreciation, a wider and maybe new love for our Asian Pacific American brothers and sisters.


Perhaps even more, we anticipate and labor eagerly for that world, bright and true, as our calendar offers tangible applications for you and your family to practice throughout and beyond the month of May.


Please join us, Hannah Matthews of @_heyTRA and Cameron Lee Small of @therapyredeemed as we look back through time, that we might learn together, gain fresh inspiration, and be equipped to work forward to a brighter time yet to come.


This product is intended for individual use only. Do not copy and distribute.

HeyTRA's 31 Takeaways for Asian American History Month

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